Thank You for Attending FMLA & ERISA Seminar

FMLA & ERISA Recorded Presentations

Thank you for attending the BeneFLEX FMLA & ERISA Compliance Seminars! We hope you found the meetings informative and worthwhile. The immediate feedback we received, was it increased your understanding of FMLA & ERISA compliance and provided you with BeneFLEX as a new resource to ensure you are correctly administering these services.

During our presentation we were able to discuss a variety of topics related to these services and review questions asked by audience members. The next step would be to schedule a live demo with BeneFLEX and receive a proposal for our services. Please contact your BeneFLEX Account Manager or our BeneFLEX Customer Services Team at (314) 909-6979 or

FMLA & ERISA Recordings

Course I:
Understanding the FMLA Employer Requirements – Recording
Understanding the FMLA Employer Requirements – Presentation Slides (PDF)

Course II:
ERISA & DOL Audit – Recording
ERISA & DOL Audit РPresentation Slides (PDF) 

Course III:
How to Investigate & Identify FMLA Abuse РRecording 
How to Investigate & Identify FMLA Abuse – Presentation Slides (PDF)

Thank you for attending our presentation!