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Do You Know the Answers for ACA Filing?

Take our short quiz and see if you can answers to the questions below.

  1. How many employees are covered under the group health insurance plan?
  2. Are you fully-insured or self-insured?
  3. What is the employee portion of the premium (monthly) for the least expensive group health plan?
  4. What are the eligibility requirements for health benefits?
  5. Who is eligible for health benefits?
  6. Do you have a Union or Union health benefits?
  7. Define part-time employees?
  8. Do you have any variable hour employees?

Responses to these questions will help determine if you need Year-End Filing (Option 1) or Monthly Tracking and Year-End Filing (Option 2).

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Do You Have to Comply with Section 6055 & Section 6056 Reporting?

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Which BeneFLEX Reporting Option is Best for You?

Year-End Filing
Option 1

  • For employers with simpler ACA reporting needs
  • Ideal for banks, manufactures, medical offices, law offices, and other variable hour population
  • Perfect for employers with the ability to collect and report on enrollment data
  • Calculates employee count and number of forms for 1094-C


*Additional fees apply

Monthly Tracking and Year-End Filing
Option 2

  • For employers with complex variable hour employee measurements
  • Ideal for restaurants, schools, casinos, staffing agencies, and retail
  • Determine your Applicable Large Employer (ALE) status
  • Categorize and monitor employee eligibility (Full-time, Full-time Equivalent, Variable Hour, and Seasonal) Monthly.
  • Produce, distribute, and file Form 1094-C and 1095-C*