Plan Set-Up/Administration

Plan Set Up and Administration is Easy with BeneFLEX

  1. Plan Consulting. Upon receiving your Intent to Enroll form, BeneFLEX sends you an electronic launch kit.
  2. Easy Plan Set Up. The launch kit includes the Business Associate Agreement, FSA Plan Checklist, Contact Listing, Banking Information, Benny Card Set Up, and Sample Reports.
  3. Employee Enrollment Assistance. Includes educational materials such as enrollment brochures, posters, payroll stuffers, and a pre-recorded webinar.
  4. Employee Account Management. Employee contributions are posted to their account each pay period. Other services include account balance tracking, daily claims adjudication, and claims reimbursement by check or direct deposit.
  5. Participant Assistance. Employees have educational materials, and 24-hour access to their account online here at or through the Interactive Voice Response System (IVR) 855-210-9527.
  6. Annual Plan Compliance. Includes monthly year-to-date reporting of employee account balances, discrimination testing, and updates or amendments to the FSA plan documents.