HCSO HRA Spend Down Facts

7  Things You Need to Know About Your 24 Month Spend Down HCSO HRA in 2014

7.  The City of San Francisco states employers who use an HRA must use an Excepted Benefit Dental/Vision HRA starting in 2014.

6.  BeneFLEX’s new Dental/Vision HRA will go into effect 3/1/14.

5.  All of your HCSO HRA funds shown on your quarterly statement will be available for the entire 24 month rundown as long as you remain employed.

4.  You have until 2/28/14 to submit claims for reimbursement on any prior qualified medical expenses. After this date, your plan will only reimburse claims for qualified dental/vision expenses.

3.  According to the city ordinance starting 3/1/2014 you can only submit qualified expenses for:

  • Qualified Dental benefits limited to treatment      of the mouth;
  • Qualified Vision benefits limited to treatment      of the eyes and;
  • Long-term, nursing home, home health, or      community-based care;

2. If you are getting your insurance from the Covered California Insurance Exchange in January and February you must visit: http://www.beneflexhr.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/FBeneFLEX-HRA-Waiver-Form.pdf and sign a waiver if you want to qualify for the premium tax credits on the Insurance Exchange.

1.  If you have questions on how your plan will work, please refer to the HCSO Quarterly Statements for the 24 month run down period.

Watch for more information in the April 2014 quarterly statements.


The BeneFLEX Team