Schnucks’ Data Breach FAQ’s


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FrequentlyAskedQuestions Regarding the Schnucks’Data Breach

How do I know if my card was compromised at Schnucks?

You will receive a specific letter informing you if your card was compromised, your card will be closed, and a new card issued to you. If you used your card at any one of the 79 affected stores between December 9, 2012 and March 29, 2013, your card could have been accessed. We have been working to provide you with information on the affected cards as soon as possible.

My sister works at a company that also uses the Benny card. They have received three letters with an attached list of employee’s names due to the Schnucks security breach. We have not received any communication from BeneFLEX. Can you tell me why?

Not every employer has employees that shopped at Schnucks. In addition, out of those employees that shopped at Schnucks during the affected time period, not every card was accessed. The company Schnucks engaged is doing the electronic forensic work to identify cards accessed during the breach.

Do I need to do anything with my Benny Card if I have not received notification of a potential breach?

No. BeneFLEX receives confirmation from the card vendor, Evolution1, of potentially compromised cards. You will be notified by Evolution1 and BeneFLEX if your card was accessed. You do not need to take any additional action at this time if you have not been notified. We advise you to monitor your card as a precaution.

Why is my card turned off before I receive notification?

The cards are turned off immediately when they are identified as being accessed to prevent any fraudulent activity.

What personal information may have been affected from the accessed cards?

We understand the only data accessed were card numbers, expiration dates, and the three-digit security code—the data did not include cardholder names, addresses, or other identifying information.

Is there a chance that my Benny card, if accessed, would be safer because it only works at medically approved MC and Visa machines?

Yes. There is a greater chance, if someone tried to access your account, that the card would be declined because the card will only work at medically coded merchant terminals. Never-the-less, we advise that you continue to monitor your account if you shopped at Schnucks during the given dates.

Will Schnucks or my financial institution ever call me and ask for personal information?

We are aware of reports that scammers have attempted to take advantage of this issue by contacting people who may shop at Schnucks and requesting personal information (such as Social Security numbers or credit card numbers) under the pretense of investigating this incident. Typically, a vendor like Schnucks will never call, e-mail, or text you to obtain such sensitive personal information, nor do we believe that any financial institution would either. Please immediately report any such attempts to your local police department.

In the unlikely event I have experienced fraud on my Benny credit card, what do I do?
  • Notify BeneFLEX immediately to let us know of any unauthorized charges. The number to call is on the back of the card. Federal law may limit your liability for unauthorized charges. You can obtain more information about this from the FTC’s Consumer Protection. You can find a Transaction Dispute Form on our website and complete if needed.
  • What if I have out-of-pocket expenses related to this issue? If your Benny card was accessed your card has been closed and a replacement (free of charge) is being issued to you. You will not incur card reissuance fees from your bank. You may see a $10
    reissuance fee and then a credit a few days later to remove the charge.
  • Should I contact Schnucks or Evolution1 if I have additional questions? No, contact BeneFLEX at


The BeneFLEX Team