FMLA – Family Medical Leave Act

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FMLA Administration: Shift your FMLA responsibilities to BeneFLEX 

FMLA, or the Family Medical Leave Act, administration services range from simple outsourcing to HR Consulting and absenteeism in union environments. View BeneFLEX’s benefits and options below.

Benefits of BeneFLEX’s FMLA Solutions

  • Fair and consistent application of FMLA, meeting Federal and State Legislative requirements
    for all employees at all locations
  • Intermittent and continuous FMLA absence administration
  • Multiple tracking period options
  • Access to FMLA Dashboard

FMLA Fundamentals

FMLA Fundamentals™ is a perfect solution for companies who just recently crossed the threshold for FMLA compliance and like to keep their FMLA administration in-house. We will provide the most
up-to-date information on  federal FMLA regulatory compliance requirements like employer policies,  posting requirements, mandatory notices, DOL FMLA certification forms and more! You also have unlimited access to our industry certified FMLA Case Managers to help answer questions.


Going one step further, we will provide administration support to employers that have a low frequency
of FMLA claims. The employer has the ability to manage attendance and absences, but when they come across a potential claim, they notify us and we go through the certification process while providing the employer with all the details, policies and documentations needed to ensure compliance.

FMLA Ease Plus

With this solution you get all of the same benefits as FMLA Ease along with a Web Call-Off and/or Interactive Voice Response (IVR)  systems, which will give employees 24/7 access to a web-optimized call-off page and/or an automated toll-free call-in number to track their FMLA absences. The Web Call-Off can be accessed from any web enabled device including smart phones, computers, tablets and laptops. The IVR can be programmed for single or multiple locations tracking continuous and intermittent leave events.

Advanced Technology

Our FMLA Dashboard allows employers easy access to timely information about the status and history
of their FMLA activity.

  • Easily identifies claim trends or abnormalities by individual to help pin point potential abuse
  • Programmed for single or multiple location tracking
  • Filter, sort and export call off data by location, department or position for specified time periods
  • Progressive ADA notifications sent to the employer when ADA maybe a factor
  • Training provided for supervisors covering the functionality and benefits of the dashboard
  • Automated email notifications to supervisors and human resources is both efficient and documented
  • Sites securely record real time and historical absence data and is easily exportable
    to other applications
  • Proactive Return-to-Work Report for employers to keep track of their employees
    return-to-work dates
  • Intermittent leave, the hardest FMLA instances to track, is our specialty

For questions or to request a quote, contact our Customer Service Team at (314) 909 -6979,
Toll Free: (800) 631-3539 or