Pre-Recorded Webinars

BeneFLEX 2018 Renewal Webinar

During this presentation, we will be sharing TIPS for our PLAYBOOK to help you manage the BeneFLEX renewal process and provide you with resources to help you GROW YOUR PARTICIPATION and INCREASE YOUR TAX SAVINGS.

BeneFLEX Employer Portal Training

During our presentation, we will show you how to manage your employees, become a report expert, access benefit plan information/documents and review available resources.

BeneFLEX Part 1: Understanding the FMLA Employer Requirements

This presentation is designed for smaller to midsize employers and brokers. During our presentation we provide attendees with the basic knowledge of FMLA laws and requirements of an administrator. Learn from years of experience and take away the best practices to set you on course for compliance.

 BeneFLEX Part 2: ERISA and DOL Audits

This presentation includes a review of an actual DOL/ERISA employer audit document request. Employers and brokers will use this information to assess their ability to successfully meet audit requirements.


BeneFLEX Part 3: How to Identify & Investigate FMLA Abuse

This program is designed for larger employers and brokers who may need a more structured plan to address the challenges they face administering and tracking FMLA leave. We will discuss the most sophisticated array of tools available anywhere, including online reporting and 24/7 call-off capabilities. Learn the pitfalls that can lead to complaints, lawsuits, and audits.


BeneFLEX Qualified Small Employer Health Reimbursement Arrangement

The Qualified Small Employer Health Reimbursement Arrangement (QSEHRA) allows employers with less than 50 full-time or full-time equivalent employees and no group health insurance in place to reimburse employees for their qualified insurance premiums and 213 medical expenses using a Health Reimbursement Arrangement.

BeneFLEX 2017 Renewal Webinar

Check-out all of the enhancements BeneFLEX has to offer for the 2016-2017 renewal. During this webinar we will focus on compliance with your plan documents, how to grow your participation, personalized educational materials, and a review of our renewal process.



BeneFLEX 2016  Renewal Webinar

Comprehensive review of the BeneFLEX 2016 renewal process. Also includes information regarding Nondiscrimination Testing, Plan Document updates, Cadillac Tax, Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs), and growing your participation with the FSA $500 Carryover and Grace Period.


BeneFLEX System Enhancement Webinar

Overview of the recent enhancements to the Employer/Employee Portal and BeneFlexHR Mobile App.



Flexible Spending Account Trends for 2015

The Healthcare Trends Institute has announced a new webcast to highlight the results of a recent study on employer preferences regarding flexible spending accounts, as well as a success story shared by co-presenter BeneFLEX HR Resources.

Moderated by Tiffany Wirth, Flexible Spending Account Trends for 2015 will feature panelists Chris Byrd, Executive Vice President of Evolution1, and Mark Schmersahl, Vice President of BeneFLEX HR Resources discussing trends, insights, and success stories in flexible spending account implementation.

Flexible Spending Account Trends for 2015 Webinar


FSA $500 Carryover Option

The New FSA $500 Carryover (PowerPoint Slides)

This is an educational video that discusses the modifications to the “Use-or-Lose” rule for FSAs, including the new $500 carryover option.


New Dental/Vision HCSO HRA in 2014

Understanding the Dental/Vision Option for HCSO HRAs in 2014 (PowerPoint Slides)

This is an educational video that discusses the New Dental/Vision HCSO HRA in 2014.


HCSO HRA Replacement Option in 2014

HCSO HRA Replacement Option 2014 (PowerPoint Slides)

This is an educational video that discusses the future of HCSO HRAs in 2014, including a new replacement option.


Exchange Notices

Educational webinar on the new regulations regarding the Department of Labor Exchange Notice Requirement.


Employer Portal Demonstration

Demonstration on how to access and utilize the Employer Portal.


Mobile App Demonstration

Demonstration on how to utililze the mobile app to check account balance, view account history, review claims transactions, file medical FSA claims, submit receipts using the camera, and access customer service contact information.