COBRA Administration

COBRA is an important benefit which the law requires the employer to provide. Many employers incorrectly assume that they are in compliance when in fact they are not. Often, employers rely on rudimentary information provided by their insurers or their benefit advisors to perform COBRA program administration. These factors regularly cause many employers to have outdated or inadequate COBRA forms and processes.

Administering COBRA is more than just telling your employees they can continue their medical coverage after termination. COBRA administration takes knowledge, resources, & time.

Our Communication with the participant starts with issuing initial notification and ends with the termination of coverage. We provide monthly billing to the participants and detailed monthly reporting to the employer.



As a third party administrator, BeneFlex HR Resources, Inc., performs the following services for our COBRA clients:

  • Initial COBRA Notification
  • Rights mailing
  • Election form mailing for each qualifying event with USPS Proof of Mailing
  • Certificate of Creditable coverage — as required under HIPAA 96
  • Acknowledgment of elected coverage
  • Monthly premium billing
  • Insufficient funds handling
  • Remittance of premiums
  • Medicare age handling
  • Verification of accuracy and timeliness of payment
  • Manage of secondary events
  • Administer Medicare disability
  • New Plan Notification
  • Termination notifications
  • Dependent age monitoring
  • We provide answers to COBRA questions for employees, beneficiaries, and you.

The services that we offer to our COBRA clients reach far beyond mere legal Compliance. With our COBRA service we also offer the peace of mind that your COBRA/HIPAA needs and requirements are being met by our knowledgeable staff of trained and caring individuals.

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