Update: Benny Card Declines

Update: Benny Card Declines

We recently released a Benny Blast informing participants that the Benny Card was experiencing intermittent declines at various merchant locations. Since then, BeneFLEX has been working diligently with our debit card provider to make sure this issue has been resolved. During our review, we learned the main reason card swipes were experiencing declines was due to the fact that merchants nationwide have not connected to the Inventory Information Approval System( IIAS) to allow a debit card swipe using a Person Identification Number (PIN#).

In April, 2013 the Dodd-Frank Wall-Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act went into force, which allowed participants the option to choose “Credit” or “Debit” when swiping their card. MasterCard, our Benny Card provider, also launched this feature to allow all debit cards users the option of using a 4-digit PIN #.

All TPA providers of FSA/HRA plans that provide benefit cards as a part of a package were experiencing these intermittent declines. Walgreens, one of the affected merchants commented on the issue and stated that their IIAS connection for the 4 digit pin is still not connected, but the card is now performing as it should for all qualified credit card transactions. Therefore, until all merchants have completely updated their system, we suggest that your participants continue to use their cards and swipe them as a “Credit” transaction to avoid possible card declines.  You may click on the link to view the list of merchants and see if they have the ability to support the PIN#

As a reminder, the Benny Card will only work at medically coded merchant terminals, grocery stores, discount stores, and pharmacies that have an IIAS System in place. A small portion of the other declines experienced by your employees were for several other reasons including, items not eligible, card not activated, insufficient funds, card expiration date, and card suspended. It was the combination of these random declines and the IIAS pin number issue that challenged MasterCard’s ability to resolve the intermittent declines quickly.

We apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused and want to remind you that participants may submit a manual claim for any out-of-pocket expenses incurred using the Employee Portal at www.beneflexhr.com, the BeneFlexHR Mobile App, by fax, or at info@beneflexhr.com.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at info@beneflexhr.com.


The BeneFLEX Team