Update: Benny Card PIN #

PIN Number Notification

It has been almost one year since PINs were mandated as an available option for consumers with their healthcare debit card. We would like to provide some reminders about PIN use at Point of Sale (POS) at pharmacy merchants using the inventory information approval system or IIAS.

What happens if a PIN is used at an IIAS Merchant

In order for a PIN transaction to work successfully at a merchant location where IIAS is required, the merchant must implement the SIGIS IIAS standard for PIN transactions. Although we are aware that some merchants are in the process of implementing these changes, at this time no merchants have completed the entire process.  Employers and their employees can review the SIGIS IIAS Merchant List and monitor the merchant PIN implementation progress. The list can be found on the SIGIS website located at IIAS Merchant List – The Special Interest Group for IIAS Standards.

Please note that when you review the list there is a column indicating if the merchant has implemented the PIN feature.

Some merchants will prompt the consumer to enter a PIN at point of sale (POS) prior to implementing IIAS for PIN transactions. When this happens, declines will occur even though the consumer is purchasing eligible items since the merchant’s IIAS information will not be transmitted through the PIN network.

If a card transaction at an IIAS merchant is declined, the consumer should attempt the transaction without a PIN by selecting CREDIT at POS.  This issue is for any FSA, HRA, and HSA cards that require the IIAS.


The BeneFLEX Team